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Facebook Advertising Campaign Versus a Facebook Group

Advertising through Facebook proved to be an effective technique especially for small business. Facebook ad cost less than the others and they are simpler to create and manage. However, some people are still trying to know if it using a Facebook Group is more effective than running ad campaigns throughout the site.
For someone who wants to take advantage of Facebook advertising, finding the solution to this problem is really important. If you are one of those who are asking the same question, well, you are in the right place. Read on as we try to identify which is better, running ad campaigns or managing a Facebook Group?
Facebook Groups: The Advantage
The main advantage of creating a Facebook group is the level of interactivity that it can provide. Customers go crazy with businesses that provide them with customized and personalized service and communication. Using a Facebook page, you can directly message your clients or address them as a group through status updates. Also, creating a Facebook group allows your customers to like, comment, or share their feedback regarding your business.
Another advantage of using Facebook group is that customers can have a quick overview of your business. They can browse the information section, see the samples of your works through the Photos section and see your connections by browsing through the people who are members of your group. Presenting your business is made easy by managing a Facebook group page.
A Facebook group page can also serve as your main announcement outlet. If you have a new offering, you can post it as a status update and millions of people will see it. The same is true if you have lowered your prices, will conduct a clearance sale, offering a special sale for first time buyers, and so on.
Creating a Facebook group lets you communicate with your clients real time, and in a personal level. However, the question still remains, is it more effective than using Facebook ads?
Facebook Ads: The Advantage
When a Facebook group page can let you maintain the followers of your business, running ad campaigns through Facebook can help you reach people that are very likely to buy from you. Facebook advertising is quite easy and you have the greater control over the whole process.
Ads which are run through Facebook lets you specify the type of people that you want to see your ad. This highly targeted market can ensure that your ad efforts will pay off in terms of conversion rates and revenues.
Another advantage of a real Facebook ad campaign is that it can help direct more and more people to your business long after you have activated it. The ad will basically work on itself. Also, Facebook provides analytics for these ads so you can identify which are performing well and which are not.
The Merger
After knowing the strengths of each choice, the best solution for our dilemma is to use both to promote your business and tell people of its existence. Facebook ads can fish new clients for you while Facebook groups can help you build a strong relationship with the customers that you already have.
Running a Facebook Group is free of charge while Facebook ads cost lower than any other advertising platforms. You can even include your Facebook Group as one of the landing pages for your ads because, like we have said earlier, Facebook groups let your customers take a peak on your business.
The key to the problem is not discarding the other. The solution lies on taking the positive sides of both choices and use them in creating a strong online presence through a solid group and effective Facebook ads.
As a businessman, you should be resourceful enough to find out how these options can further benefit your enterprise. Keep your customers happy and satisfied. Be creative and always be determined. Remember that hard work pays off with sweet success.


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